3D printing services are organized through the library’s Tech Tutor. If you’d like to learn how to use the printer and make models, email or phone the library at 613-256-1037 for more details and/or to register for a tutoring session.

Our Prusa I3 MK3S​ is available for printing small-scale 3D printing projects.

General use of the 3D printers is limited to patrons ages 13+

Mandatory 3D Printer Training is required before using the machine, and all users must follow our 3D Printing Policy.

Please note that use of the 3D printer requires a design file to be saved to an SD card. The SD Card must be smaller than 32GB and formatted in FAT32. The Prusas are able to print from both .stl files and G code.

You may design a 3D model at home, or find a ready-made design online, and save it to your own SD card to bring with you, or use one of the sample print jobs on the SD card we have provided.

Only MMPL-provided filament may be used in the 3D printers to prevent damage to the machine.


1. View the Original Prusa i3 MK3 Guide for a New User.

2. Read our 3D Printing Policy.

3. Carefully review this web page.

4. Contact the library to request our 3D printing orientation session. Once you  have completed your session you will be authorized to use the 3D printer.


The Prusa 3D Printer

MMPL 3d Printing Guide

Original Prusa i3 MK3 Guide for a New User

Slicing Software

Recommended PrusaSlicer


Recommended YouTube channels

Prusa 3D

MMPL Youtube channel – Intro to 3D printing

3D Printing Nerd

Tom’s 3D

Free 3D Models




Free 3d Modeling Software




Free PhotoGrammetry Software (3D models from pictures)

Meshroom *requires NVidia GPU


3D Model Error Correction

Automatically fix common errors in models for 3D printing.

Micorosoft 3D Printing tools

Frequently Asked Questions

What material does the printer work with?

Our printers “print” (extrude) PLA plastic, a corn-based product. We usually have several colours of this plastic available.

What is the maximum size of object I can print at the library?

The object or part thereof must fit within the confines of the build area in the printer, with a maximum build volume of 25X21X21 cm (9.84″X8.3″X8.3″), and the object must be printed within your appointment time.

Library Policy

Read our official library 3D Printing Policy.

3D Print Price Calculator