Take a look at these general interest, STEM learning and tech things!

Please read item details, borrowing rules, any applicable overdue charges, replacement fees and other information before you reserve.

For STEM and tech things, support is available by appointment: techtutor@missmillslibrary.com


A bundle of 3, any category you choose: Fantasy, History, Health, SciFi, Romance, BIPOC-authored, Historic Fiction, Canadiana, Science, Biography, Mystery, Thriller, Graphic Novel, Cooking, French, Politics, DVDs or anything else!

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The pen extrudes heated warm plastic. No difficult tech to master to draw a raised graphic on a sheet of paper or any flat surface. Safe for children. Two in the collection

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So Many Puzzles

The library has more puzzles than it can count! 350 piece- to 1000 piece-puzzles, from many different puzzle manufacturers. Borrow two!

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Portable Mobile Hot Spot

Twelve to lend and available from both branches. Hotspots help communities and individuals in-need to access high-speed internet. Residents can use these hubs in their homes connected to their own devices. WIFI hub loans are for a week

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Two themed packs (Amphibians & Trees) in the collection. Thank you, RVCA. Perfect for young explorers, naturalists, & families

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DVD binge boxes

14 themed boxes in the collection – all sorts of genres. Four movies in each box. Some are for children. Boxes are loaned for a week. Watch movies all night or day!

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Museum passes

No reserves. 1st come, 1st serve at library. Agriculture & Food Museum, Aviation & Space Museum, and Science & Tech Museum with Ingenium pass, 9 available. 4 for Nature Museum. Others too. Museums still need advance notice

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Laptops that run the Google Chrome OS. Easy to use and fairly secure for access to the internet, learning resources, gaming, word processing etc. Five in the collection

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Using coloured markers and paper, or a tablet device, children use Ozobots to learn coding, sequential programming and deductive reasoning. Fun projects & games. Twelve in collection

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Makey Makey

An electronic invention tool and toy that connects everyday objects to computer programs using a circuit board, alligator clips, and a USB cable. Try using bananas as a piano! Two in the collection

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Knit Kits

Learn to knit! Four kits in the collection. Each kit includes a book, two sets of needles and a ball of yarn. Stay tuned, Crochet Kits coming soon

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A bundle of 3 for teens, any category you choose: Fantasy, History, SciFi, BIPOC-authored, Contemporary Fiction, Series, Biography, Thriller, Graphic Novel, PRIDE titles, Graphic Non-Fiction, Science/Climate, DVDs or anything else!

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READy To Go Backpacks

Up to a dozen story books and a puzzle, game or toy in each sack! Reading aloud is good for everybody and builds early literacy. 14 themes/packs

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Disc Golf Sets

Three discs in a set (seven sets in the collection) a map of the disc golf course at Gemmill Park, Almonte, and a score sheet with pars for each hole. Enjoy with friends!

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Concert, Tenor & Soprano Ukuleles

Eight in the collection and “how to play” material in both Almonte and Pakenham collections as well

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3D Printer

Of interest to our local maker community! Ideas: prototyping projects, small custom toys (figurines, gear toys), models for decor, small repair parts, brackets for shelving etc.

Workshops & Info

Diversity Lists

#BlackLivesMatter, Indigenous-authored books and PRIDE in Mississippi Mills – at any time of year. Ten lists for all ages, non-fiction & fiction – including one about adapting to changes brought on by COVID


littleBits Gizmos & Gadgets Kit

Award-winning tech toy. Spark imagination with motors, lights, servos. Create fun inventions, even a remote-control car! Includes Arduino Coding Bit for coding circuits & control over interacting lights, buttons, motors, sensors, and other Bits

In-Library Programs

A bundle of 3 for age 8-12, any category you choose: Myths, History, Health, Space, BIPOC-authored, Junior Fiction, Canadiana, Biography, Nature, Graphic Novel, Cooking, French, Crafty, Audiobook, DVDs or anything else!

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Kill A Watt Device

An electricity usage monitor. Measure power consumption, cut down on costs, find out what appliances are worth keeping plugged in. Two in the collection

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3M Personal Projector

The 3M MP7640 projector is a SVGA portable projector. Transportable, packed in a bag with cords and adapters. This projector delivers vibrant images with excellent color brightness and depth

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Portable Projector Screen

 A bright white screen accommodates standard (4:3) or widescreen (16:9). Easy setup on the floor. Closed, it’s its own carrying case

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Memory Lab

Convert older media & paper formats to digital format for preservation, ease of sharing & reproduction. Scan pictures, slides & film negatives, record VHS tapes to DVDs. Edit video, photos and more

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A bundle of 3, kids up to age 7, any category you choose: Beginner Readers, Folktales, BIPOC-authored, Animal Stories, Board Books, Easy Chapter Books, Canadiana, Science, Nature, French, Cooking, Storybook & DVD, Sports or anything else!

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Learn STEM subjects hands-on with lego robotics. Children learn forces &  motion, logical structures and  interpret sensor data. Design, build and program fully-functioning robotic systems. Eight sets

In-Library Programs

Ontario Parks vehicle permit

Pass allows holder to RESERVE online (up to five days in advance) a day-use spot at a busy Ontario Park – FREE. Note: Mon-Thurs day-use of all parks is free (first come first serve) yet costs on weekends, but not with a pass! 6 passes

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Seed Library

Located at both branches. Thank you to all who borrowed seeds. Remember to save seeds throughout the growing season and return them to the seed library in the fall. Closed for the 2021 season.

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