Current programs at both branches: check often!

These programs are happening! They are not cancelled, as so many library programs & events have had to be during this pandemic era.

MMPL STEAM Program 2020-21: Craft in a Bag

Spend some fun time creating and experimenting at home & reading with your kids and teens!

Thanks to the generous support from the Friends of the Mississippi Mills Public Library, the library can offer a monthly STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics) themedCraft in a Bag”  for kids and one for teens, this fall and winter. Each bag contains all the materials, instructions and some surprises for an afternoon of crafts, science & technology experiments, coding & math games as well as“how-to” instructions to help you search for complimentary reading materials in our library catalogue.

The teen and/or kid “Craft in a Bag” are available to order as of the 1st of each month by email at or by phone at 613 256-1037. Please note “Craft in a Bag” does not include basic supplies like glue, scissors, tape and crayons, but the library offers a FREE “Starter Kit Bag” by request that includes these supplies. All bags can be picked up in Almonte or Pakenham.

Each month’s bags have different themes. Pictures/videos of contents are posted to the MMPL STEAM Program 2020-2021 Facebook Group. Please join our Facebook group and share your family’s creations!

Bags with craft materials are for you to keep, but if you request other library materials (books, movies, audiobooks, etc.) with your bags, you can return them later in the bins or the book drop, when you come to the library.

Stay tuned for more news about STEAM after-school programming at the library this fall and winter!

The image is an example: September’s STEAM Craft in a Bag for TEENS – JELL-O LENSES: BENDING LIGHT

Monthly diversions and fun for seniors! Request yours by phone (613) 256-1037 or email: Bags can be picked up at Almonte or Pakenham branch.

Lots of fun! Each month’s Craft in a Bag is available at the beginning of the month. Request yours by phone (613) 256-1037 or email: Bags can be picked up at Almonte or Pakenham branch.

Calendar of events

May 14, 2021
June 2, 2021