Kanopy is the on-demand, online streaming video platform used by the library to offer films, TV shows and documentaries. The service is free with a MMPL library card, and has recently been upgraded.

A few more points:

  • Kanopy users will see a pop-up when they sign in on the Kanopy website or in the app. The pop-up explains the new ticket system.
  • There is ticket-free content: it’s labeled as “0 tickets”. Kanopy Kids is still unlimited (0 tickets).
  • Please call your library with any questions, but the resources & videos at Kanopy Help are also available and will be updated to correspond with this latest news.
  • Each ticket used within Kanopy represents $1 in cost to your library. This is how content owners and content creators are paid on a pay-per-view model by the participating institutions.

Click here to browse / sign in to Kanopy.