TRAVELOGUE:  Arizona to New Mexico with Jasmin Mori

Wednesday, November 7 at 7pm, Almonte Branch

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Jasmin Mori embarked on an almost three week road trip to Arizona, driving over 8000km and visiting some very interesting archaeological parks (Cahokia outside St. Louis, Mesa Verde, and Bandelier National Parks) and beautiful geological spectacles (Great Sand Dunes, Monument Valley, Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend, Lake Powell, Grand Canyon, Sedona and Boynton Canyon, Petrified Forest).  In addition, in the town of Santa Fe, she also visited an interactive art installation called ‘Meow Wolf’.  It was a fun filled family trip that included her twin 13 year olds and her five year old.  Jasmin is a photographer with an anthropological and art history background, she learned so much and was so fascinated by the indigenous presence and history of these areas, that she carefully documented her trip with stunning photos and videos. She is now sharing their journey in the travelogue series.