Learning Again in Almonte Launches Fall 2023 Season!

All registration details, dates at this link. Note: the courses fill up fast!


  1. Exploring the Magic of Cinema with Tom Shoebridge
  2. This Place We Call Home with a variety of Speakers talking about managing Growth in Mississippi Mills
  3. Old Stones, New Stories, What Iconic Architecture Reveals about the Middle Ages and Ourselves with Dr. Sarah Keeshan


  1. Bearing Witness, Journalists, Record Keepers and the 1917 Halifax Explosion with author Micheal Dupuis
  2. Passage to Freedom, Sharing the Stories of South Asian Refugees from 1975-1995 with filmmakers and Colleen Lundy and Allan Moscovitch, the Carleton Professors who spearheaded the research
  3. Paddye Mann: Designing for Life, Sharing Insights Learned from 45Years of Clothing Design

All courses & lectures take place at the Almonte branch library. Learning Again in Almonte has partnered with Mississippi Mills Public Library to host these events.