Have you ever presented a travelogue? This is your opportunity.

A travelogue is an illustrated presentation (usually with photos or videos). Library travelogues usually include descriptions of the place you were traveling in, your experiences (your thoughts, blunders, fears), information about a place’s history and culture, and/or accounts of your interactions with local people. Travelogues vary in length (an hour max) and there is time for questions afterwards.

Travelogues happen every second Wednesday of the month from October to May at 7pm (dates can be accommodated) at Almonte branch. You do not need to have been far! If you like to share where you have travelled, locally or internationally, what new places you have discovered, interesting accommodations or travel initiatives, consider presenting a travelogue.

Contact Berta at babaroa@mississippimills.ca or call 613-256-1037 for more information, to submit your idea, and arrange a date.