Thanks to a generous donation from the Elizabeth Kelly Foundation, Lanark County Libraries are hosting FREE LEGO Robotics day camps for youth 8 to 17 years old.

Mississippi Mills Public Library camp dates run 18-22 July and 24-28 July. Register here

Day camps last 3 hours, from 10am to 1pm, with a snack in between.

Participants use LEGO Spike sets to build a robot, code it using Scratch, and then test and improve their creations. Three challenges are available. Each workshop consists of a challenge designed to teach students the concepts that make up basic robotics and mechanical engineering. Challenges are geared toward a student who has never programmed or built a robot before.

The Sumo-Bot Competition: This challenge is always a favorite: the campers will build their robot to wrestle an opposing robot out of a ring. Flippers and pushers are all allowed!

Line Follower Challenge: The camper’s robot must be programmed to follow a black line. The most precise instead of the fastest robot wins.

Maze Challenge: To level up their robotics skills, the campers will be asked to program their robot so that it completes a maze.