A Fungal Dominant Compost Germination Project

Background: In the fall of 2020, Scott Hortop produced a leaf mould style compost using approximately 600 bags of leaves, provided by the citizens of Mississippi Mills. Scott followed the Johnson-Su bioreactor method.

Volunteers needed: This mature compost is now available for use, but before sharing the compost widely, Scott is doing a controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of this compost when used as a 50% addition to regular seedling soil mix. Scott is looking for volunteers who grow vegetable seedlings. He’s providing compost, instructions, a data reporting sheet to record volunteer’s observations, and coloured toothpicks to mark the different mediums. He will be available to answer any questions and the results will be publicly available once the project is finished.

If you would like to participate, please contact Berta at babaroa@mississippimills.ca  to request a kit.