March Break LEGO Robotics – March 13 to 17

Choose a challenge, build your robot, code it and have fun!

10am – 1pm OR 1pm – 4pm at Almonte branch

Ages 8 and up

Register here

Choose your challenge between building and coding a robot that can push other robots out of a Sumo mat, one that can find its way out of a Maze or one that can Follow a Line. Each challenge is different and develops attention to detail, imagination, logic, focus, dexterity, individual and collaborative work. Robotics serve as in introduction to computer engineering and mechanical engineering. Robotics introduces ideas like variables, if statements, for loops, while loops, object-oriented programming, ultrasonic physics, rotational dynamics, mechanics, and structural integrity to a very young audience.

Also, stay tuned, more family programming for MARCH BREAK will be announced soon!