It’s a job she loves, but she suddenly found herself in need of a new employer. The local job center helped her make a new resume, but she has no printer at home. Also, the Almonte hospital had housekeeping positions available, but she’s required to apply online. Jane was feeling frustrated and powerless. A friend told her to try the Mississippi Mills Public Library. When she walked in that afternoon, the librarian helped her connect her phone to the WiFi, find her attached resume and print a few copies. Then the librarian sat with her to help her upload her resume from her phone to the online job application. When Jane left fifteen minutes later, she felt confident and had a spring on her step!

As online services become even more the norm, many people in our community have difficulty applying for jobs and requesting social services online. Libraries have public computers, printing and scanning services, free WiFi, and staff with the knowledge to help. Libraries transform lives and are a smart community investment.

*Note: The patron’s name has been changed to Jane.