Online, Off Course: The Trouble With The Wired World

Instructor Dr. Valerie Steeves

5 Tuesdays – 1:00-3:00 – Nov.1 through Nov.29 – cost: $75

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Have you ever been annoyed by the increasing need for apps and smartphones? Are you wondering how to avoid fake news? Do you feel frustrated when kids are glued to screens or are you the one who can’t turn off?

Learning Again in Almonte, a partner of MMPL, presents Online Off Course, a lecture series which is not about how to turn on your computer but what happens when you enter a networked environment where your data flows in ways that you simply can’t see.

Dr. Valerie Steeves will address a range of internet issues – from unpacking the online privacy debate, to understanding how e-toys manipulate kids, to examining just how Facebook and other tech giants are trying to steer the democratic process.

A Professor at the University of Ottawa, Val has researched and developed policy on internet privacy and big data surveillance. She has a unique perspective to share from over 20 years of research about young people’s experiences with networked technologies.