The Visiting Library Service (VLS) is available to people in the community unable to visit the library due to an illness, restricted mobility, or a physical, developmental or visual disability. Librarians and volunteers arrange to have books delivered directly to the person’s home, and then picked up to return to the library. VLS provides a full range of services to residents of Mississippi Mills. Downloadable eBooks, eMagazines & eAudiobooks are also available free with your library card, and may also be of interest as accessible options.

Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) is also available via MMPL. CELA provides public libraries with alternative format collections for library patrons with print disabilities. Community members interested in getting CELA materials are introduced, if elegible, to CELA collections through the visiting library. The library also has downloadable eAudiobooks available too – free with your library card.

If you or someone you know wants to join the Visiting Library or needs more information about CELA or the digital library options, please get in touch with the library at or call 613-256-137.

Once you are matched with a VLS volunteer, let them know your reading interests. You and a volunteer will set your own schedule for deliveries and returns.