Teen Advisory Group (TAG) recommends… THE TOMORROW CODE

The Tomorrow Code by Brian Falkner is a hands down amazing book! I absolutely loved it but that is simply because I am a huge science nerd so the scientific concepts in this book were intriguing. If you are not that into time travel and end of the world topics, then you might not enjoy it as much.

There were definitely some plot holes in the story but you could fill those in with your imagination. Some of the plot holes are just super confusing, for example why were Tane and Rebecca the ones who had to go through the events that happened, why not anyone else?

The book is about the story of how Tane and Rebecca manage to get their hands on some gamma ray information and find some patterns which turn out to be a message sent from their future selves, something has gone wrong in the future and now it is up to them to try and change the course of time and make that event not happen. This takes on an adventure that consists of winning the lottery and buying an expensive vehicle and so on.

The plot idea was super original and the ending was satisfactory but could have been better. If the plot holes were filled, it might have made the story even better. For these two reasons, I will have to give this book a 4 star review and not a 5 star one.

All in all, this book was a page turner and was super different from a lot of other books so I would definitely recommend this book! – TANUSH

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