In 2008, Virginia Wilson, from the University of Saskatchewan published “Public Libraries in Canada: An overview”. Her report concluded: Almost ten times more people visit public libraries in Canada every year than attend Canadian National Hockey League games in the three most recent years combined.  And by 2010 that statistic had doubled to twenty times. (Sources: Canadian Urban Libraries Council 2010 Canadian Public Library Statistics: ESPN, NHL Attendance Report 2011-2012).

More recent pandemic era numbers are not available, but it would be safe to guess that the despite restrictions, use of the public libraries system throughout Canada has continued to increase.

The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library – Albert Einstien

This brings us to our own Mississippi Mills Public Library (MMPL).

True to its mission: To inspire lifelong learning, provide equitable access to information, advance knowledge and strengthen our community, MMPL is a valued resource and the heart of our community. The success of this community treasure is due in no uncertain terms to its amazing staff and volunteers.

Many of us know the library staff as friendly, informed and accommodating individuals who are always there to answer questions, find resources, offer recommendations and be the friendly face of our community. But did you know they also have other secret powers?  From now until late-August, the Corridor Gallery at MMPL Almonte branch will be featuring LONG OVERDUE an exhibition showcasing the creativity of library staff.

Please visit and discover the wide variety of artist talents revealed, share your impressions with the artists/staff and of course thank them for their amazing work both at the library and as community builders!

— Ingrid Kadoke, Curator, Corridor Gallery MMPL

(Selected images: Photography – Judi Bowe, Swashline Series #2 (watercolour) – Melanie Girdwood-Brunton, Owlmonte Old Town Hall (collage) – Jill McCubbin. AND there are works by Monica Blackburn, Christine Row and student Claire Smith hanging as well!)