The sleepovers at Almonte & Pakenham branches were SO MUCH FUN!

Oh my, the stuffies in Pakenham got up to some mischief!  First they wanted more stories, so Ellie the Elephant was happy to read to them.  Then they wanted to draw some pictures!  After that Monica pushed them around the Library in the book cart – they almost fell off!  They had some quiet time in front of the fireplace and sang songs.  Then….they climbed the book case!  Finally – Monica tucked them all in and they had a really good night’s sleep.

What a night at the Almonte Branch! First the stuffies traveled around the library on a train – they held on tight! They made it to the kid’s area and climbed the shelves – those bears were really fast and made it to the top! Monica showed them how to use the computers to search for some great books. Then it was time for a snack so the stuffies raided the staff refrigerator!  They finally fell asleep… and so did Monica!

No dates set yet for other stuffies sleepover nights, but they will return! More photos on Facebook.