The library’s new catalogue is ready to explore and you can register as of today.

Note: MMPL EXISTING catalogue will expire after 31 December 2021.

FAQ about the catalogue

Q: Why did you change the catalogue at all? The old one was fine.

A: Library staff want to provide the best services possible to our community. The new catalogue has a better & clearer search, provides the option for users to keep track of their reading and allows users to discover titles in new ways. And, don’t be alarmed, all user info from your old catalogue account (checkouts, holds, etc.) will be there in your new account. Is there anything you are having a hard time doing on the new catalogue? Please ask for help anytime.

Q: I can’t get my library card# to work in the registration, why?

A: In the registration process “barcode” is your library card# and “password” is your PIN. If you have a library card# that starts with 24444000… you use every digit (no spaces) EXCEPT THE LAST DIGIT. If you have forgotten your PIN#, please call the library. If you have a library card# that starts with 1234…, you use every digit.

Q:  Why do I need to register?

A: For the patron:

  • Registration allows you to create an easy-to-remember username you can use to log in, so you don’t have to type your library card number every time you check your account.
  • Registration also allows you to reserve titles, suggest titles for purchase, get personalized recommendations, contribute ratings & reviews, and connect with other users.

A: For your library and for BiblioCommons (the catalogue service provider) :

  • It is good practice (and often a legal responsibility) to communicate what information is collected and how that information will be used. By registering, a patron signals that she or he understands these policies and grants permission to store and use personal information as noted.
  • Registration gives the library and BiblioCommons an opportunity to clearly address some key questions about how the service works, such as the responsibilities of the user, licensing arrangements for user content and other content on the site, safety issues.

Q: Why do I have to create a username? I already have my barcode memorized.

A: You can login with your username or your library card number. That’s up to you. The reason we require all users to select a unique username is because the new catalogue has additional optional functionality, like commenting on books and keeping track of your reading on shelves. And to support this, the system needs usernames.

Q:  Why do I have to provide my birth information?

A: Providing this information is optional. You can still register and create an account without birth information. However, many features, such as the ability to add comments or summaries, will be restricted.

Q:  Why do I have to provide an email address?

A:  The new catalogue uses your email address for two functions:

  • To allow you to reset your PIN/password if you forget it.
  • If the library has holds (books or eBooks or audiobooks etc.) your email address is used to notify you when a title is available to you.

Most MMPL patrons have already provided their email address to the library. Providing it is always optional (especially if you don’t have one). You can still register and create an account without one. However, you’ll need to contact the library if you forget your PIN/password, and your access to some content may be limited.

Q: What happened to my “wish list”? (or “my lists”)?

Short and safe answer: try to save/print a copy of your list. The importing of your list to the new catalogue is being worked on, but it may not be finished before the end of the month, when the old catalogue expires. Try this at the end of the month: Go to your For Later shelf at the new catalogue, and click an Import button to import your wish lists from the old catalogue. This is a one-time process, and then you can move items to other shelves or lists as needed.

Q: What happened to renew all? And I can’t figure out where to renew.

A: We hope to have this functionality soon. However, in the meantime, you can select all the items on your first page by clicking Select 1-25 and clicking Renew. If you have more than 25 items checked out, go to the second page of items and repeat the process.

A: There are two ways to renew:

  • Point to the My Library tab, and then click Checked Out.
  • Click the My Library tab, and then click Next due or Total Items under Checked Out.

Once you are on your Checked Out page, use the checkboxes to select the desired titles and then click Renew.

Q: Why am I seeing info from other libraries?

A: To save money, the Library is a member of a library consortia and shares this catalogue with over 20 other library systems.

Q: I don’t like all this extra stuff in the catalogue

We are sorry if you aren’t pleased. The new features are optional. You don’t need to use shelves or read other users’ reviews—although many of our users are finding these new features quite useful. If you only want to use the catalogue to place holds and renew your checked out titles, you can do that and ignore all the new functionality.

Q: Is my data being shared with everyone else?

A: The library must protect the privacy of patrons.

This information is ALWAYS private:

  • Current checkouts, holds, and fines
  • Your PIN/password
  • Borrowing History, if you’ve enabled it

Public Activity that can be made Private:

  • Your activity feed, which includes all comments, ratings, etc.,
  • Any books that you add to your Completed, For Later, or In Progress shelves

Your Activity Feed (comments, ratings, etc) and any books you add to your shelves default to being public, but you can make your entire feed, or selected items on your feed private, if you’d like to.

Q: Will the library prevent people from adding inappropriate comments to the catalogue?

A: There will be a low incidence rate of inappropriate comments being added to the catalogue, as all content that users add to the catalogue is associated with their library card. The library doesn’t review any of the comments that are added. Rather, there is a community moderation model in place. If you see something inappropriate, you can click the Report this link. When 3 separate users report something, the comment is automatically removed and reviewed against the Terms of Use of the catalogue.

Q: What do I do if I come across something that does not work?

A: Please send us a note using the Feedback option on every catalogue page, or call 613-256-1037 or send an email to

Visit the new catalogue and please register! Explore!