Presenters do not need to have travelled far! Perhaps you have travelled locally: what new places have you discovered, or which interesting accommodations or travel initiatives.

Where? Travelogue evenings will be held in the main room at the Almonte branch, where there’s plenty of space to be socially distanced and still enjoy the presentation. Masks and proof of vaccination will be required for all attendees.

When? Every third Tuesday of the month from January to April, at 7pm.

What’s a travelogue? A travelogue is an illustrated lecture (usually slides with photos or video) describing the place you visited. Descriptions of subjective experiences (your thoughts, blunders, fears, interactions with locals) and informed commentary about a place (its history and culture) are included. Travelogues vary in length (an hour max) because everyone wants a time for questions afterwards.

To submit your idea, please contact Berta at or call 613-256-1037.