The Friends of the Mississippi Mills Public Library (FMMPL) are an energetic and wonderful group.

FMMPL have two current projects going and a third on its way that are worth bringing to your attention.

1. The Friends’ Silent Auction – all online bidding – runs until the end of October only

Interested people can view everything at this link and bid here too: All monies go to support programs and services at the Mississippi Mills Public Library! More information also at the Friends’ Facebook group here. There are over 60 items available for your bids!

2. Upcoming FMMPL Used Book Sale! Books are needed / being collected!

Please drop all donations to 113 Carss St., Almonte, and leave them on the front porch. The sale is set for 20 November 2021. The Friends are looking for donations of good quality, recent and popular books. Nothing moldy or smelly. No text books, encyclopedias, or readers’ digests. Questions? Please email the Friends at Stay tuned for more details! Thanks to Iron Gate Storage in Almonte, there’s loads of storage space so bring those books on!

3. FMMPL mystery (but exciting) new fundraiser! Can you guess? 

Awesomely local! Entertaining! Details coming soon!

The Friends of the Mississippi Mills Public Library (FMMPL) is a fundraising group that works to support and promote the services of the Mississippi Mills Public Library. Run by dedicated volunteers, FMMPL helps the Mississippi Mills Public Library meet its goal of creating a strong library community in Mississippi Mills. For more information please visit this page: