The 2nd Crypto-Currency learning workshop presented by Austin Campbell will be on Zoom Thursday (tomorrow), 24 June, at 5:30pm. In this workshop, Austin will set up a custom crypto-currency at the library!

This is a Zoom presentation, where you can ask questions. To participate, register here. You’ll receive a Zoom link to the meeting before it starts. MMPL learning workshops are archived to MMPL YouTube as well – see the Intro to Crypto-Currency at the MMPL Youtube site.

All MMPL learning workshops – such as Tuesday’s Learn how to 3D print: Intro to CNC Machining – are archived to the MMPL YouTube site. Review videos anytime you like. Stay tuned for more video workshops as well as Story time videos with Monica (with more to come).

Each learning workshop builds into the concept of the previous one, but they can also be viewed individually. MMPL YouTube: