Time to request your bags!

To order your bag(s), contact the Almonte branch at almontelib@missmillslibrary.com or by phone 613-256-1037 or the Pakenham branch, pakenhamlib@missmillslibrary.com or by phone 613-624-5306.

Pre-school Craft & Fun Bag in June celebrates Bicycle Month in Mississippi Mills. Everything you need (except a pair of scissors & a marker) is included to make a fun bicycle themed collage!

STEAM Craft in a Bag – June – Ages 5 and up. The Sundial project demonstrates that the Earth is rotating, in relation to the sun, by showing how a shadow moves throughout the day. Supplied: plate, straw and compass. You supply tape, pen and a ruler. Check out this experiment.

TEEN Craft in a Bag – June – Ages 10 and up. This month it’s marbling paper – exploring surface tension with colours. Make marble paper with milk, and explore how detergent lowers the surface tension of a liquid so that the food colouring is free to flow throughout the milk and make awesome patterns!! For a step-by-step video check out Babble Dabble Do. Click here to learn all about the chemistry involved.

June Seniors Activity Bag has a Canada Day theme. In time to celebrate Canada Day, June’s painting craft is a large maple leaf on a stake. Paint and put in your garden! Thanks go again to our friends at Carebridge Community Support.