MMPL Learning Workshops


Every Thursday from June 10 to July 1, 5:30 to 7pm – no registration required, just go to the MMPL YouTube channel at the appointed time/date. Presenter: Austin Campbell

Live Stream MMPL YouTube

A series of interactive YouTube live stream presentations – you can ask questions in the comment section. Increase your knowledge, participate in each workshop in the series. Each workshop builds on knowledge from the previous one, but each can be viewed individually. The presentations are recorded and archived. View anytime at the MMPL YouTube channel.

June 10 – Introduction to Crypto-currency: Ever wonder where crypto-currencies came from? How they work? What they are? This presentation will briefly go over all the biggest questions giving you insight to one of the most elusive financial schemes of today.

June 17 – Crypto-currency Theory: Learn the fundamental principles and mechanisms running bitcoin, and some of the algorithms that govern them. This workshop includes advanced concepts and math.

June 24 – Creating a Crypto-currency: In this presentation we set up a custom crypto-currency at the library!

July 1 – How to mine Crypto-currency: In this course we set up a local crypto-currency miner at the library using some basic software and hardware. Each step is explained and shown live.