These beautiful gardens at the Almonte Library are maintained by volunteer members of the Almonte and District Horticultural Society who spend an amazing number of hours planting and maintaining this garden as well as public gardens at the Cenotaph, Peace Park, the Veteran’s Walkway, and the Arena.  Volunteers are also responsible for planting, weeding and deadheading the sidewalk planters that are placed on Mill Street and in front of the Legion. 

Whether you are new to gardening or are a seasoned gardener, your local gardening club may be the place for you.  Either way, you will find the best help you can get by becoming a member of the Almonte & District Horticultural Society.  Although the name may give the impression the Society is all experts, we are really just a garden club with members at all levels of experience who are more than happy to network with others by sharing problems and offering ideas and solutions. Whether a beginner or master gardener, you are certain to enjoy the benefits of the Society as an excellent resource to answer your gardening questions.  We provide a supportive environment for gardeners of all levels by encouraging the use of eco-friendly practices to promote the production of food, flowers and plants, and to conserve our environment. 

To learn more about the Society, please contact Cindy Zorgel, (613) 256-155,

Glorious Almonte Branch gardens, thank you Almonte & District Horticultural Society!