Letter from the Mississippi Mills Public Library (MMPL) Board

The Board wants to thank Mississippi Mills Council for supporting the MMPL Board’s decision to leave the cost sharing agreement. A decision that was made at the Committee of the Whole meeting of Council last night (Tuesday, 16 March).

The Board wants to assure Mississippi Mills residents and particularly residents in South Ramsay that free access to library services in their home community will continue. With the removal of MMPL from the cost sharing agreement, public consultation can begin with South Ramsay residents on what library service options will best serve them. Additional information will be available soon.

Please read the FAQ about library service in 2021. It explains the background and reasons why the cost sharing agreement needs to be left behind. The FAQ gives answers to these questions:

  • What does library service look like today?
  • How do we plan to serve South Ramsay residents?
  • What is a reciprocal borrowing agreement?
  • What is the Cost Sharing Agreement?
  • Why does the Library Board want to leave the Cost Sharing Agreement?

New, improved, and more fiscally responsible service offerings to all library patrons are in the works!

Very best regards,

The Mississippi Mills Public Library Board

for further information please contact:

Cathy Peacock

Mississippi Mills Public Library Board Chair