Update: all workshops are now FULL

Learn Robotics at the Mississippi Mills Public Library! 

We are offering six Robotic workshops at the Almonte Branch. Ages 8-15

The November/December Lego Robotics workshops are full and registration is closed for this period. The next block of Lego Robotics workshops will start in January 2021 with registration opening on December 13th.

Each workshop consists of a challenge designed to teach students the concepts that make up basic robotics and mechanical engineering. Challenges are geared toward a student who has never programmed or built a robot before.

November 7 – The Sumo Challenge 

This challenge is always a favorite: students build their robot to wrestle an opposing robot out of a ring. Flippers and pushers are all allowed!

November 14 – Line Follower 

The student’s robot must be programmed to follow a black line. The most precise instead of the fastest robot wins.

November 21 – The Race Challenge 

In the race challenge, students learn about gear ratios and how to make a fast robot. At the end of the morning, students race their robots against everyone else’s robot in a derby!

November 28 – Maze Challenge 

To level up their robotics skills, students are asked to program their robot so that it completes a maze.

December 5 – Da Vinci Challenge 

In the da Vinci challenge the goal is to create the most beautiful work of art using only their robots. The art that students create is always a surprise!

December 12 – The Canada Arm Challenge 

In this challenge, students build a robotic arm.

From left to right: Gabe, our robotics teacher; Berta, library staff; Cathy, MMPL Board Chair; Christine, MMPL CEO; and Jan, MM Councillor

In order to keep everyone safe, the following Covid-19 protocols will be applied.

  • Children with Covid-19 symptoms will be asked to stay home.
  • Participants will use the hand sanitizer in the lobby before entering the library.
  • Classes are limited to 8 participants to ensure proper physical distance.
  • Face coverings/masks that securely cover the nose, mouth, and chin are mandatory for the duration of the workshop except during break.
  • Each child will have their own table with their own dedicated programming material. Tables will be placed at a minimum of 2 meters apart from each other. When entering and exiting the workshop, participants must maintain a safe 2-metre distance from others.
  • There will be a 15 min. supervised break when kids can take their mask off to drink and have a snack on their tables.
  • Surfaces will be disinfected before and after each use and learning equipment will be quarantined.

We want to thank the Elizabeth Kelly Library Foundation for their support providing funding to purchase a robotic and STEM tool collection for the Mississippi Mills Public Library. With this funding the library will be able to provide children and teen’s STEAM programs for many years to come. For more information about the Elizabeth Kelly Library Foundation’s work please visit www.ekellylibraryfoundation.ca

ELKF - Elizabeth Kelly Library Foundation