Mississippi Mills Public Library is excited to welcome Scientists in School (www.scientistsinschool.ca/ ), who will lead fun, hands-on virtual STEM workshops, live, by a presenter, wherever YOU are. These workshops are designed for children aged 4-12 and all of the materials for the investigations are sent ahead for the young scientists.

We are offering four online science workshops in November and December. There are 15 spaces available for each one of these free interactive programs and registration is required in order to participate. After registering, the Mississippi Mills Public Library will contact you directly to arrange for you to pick up the program materials and to send you the link to access the live presentation.

Registration is open now for the first workshop by email to babaroa@mississippimills.ca or by phone:  613-256-1037

The first workshop is November 14, 2-3pm – Sticky Science – Get sticky with it! Discover the science of sticky. Make your own glue from food products and test them to see how they hold. Create your own sticky art. And of course, there will be silly putty!

Keep an eye out for when registration opens for the upcoming online workshops on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/mississippimillspubliclibrary Upcoming workshops are:

Up and Down, All Around!– Explore how things move! Discover the science behind a magic trick, defy gravity by creating a balancing bird, and engineer an elastic racer to chase down Newton’s Laws. We’ll be on the move!

Candy Chemistry – Discover the surprising science hiding in a bag of Skittles. Explore solubility, buoyancy, reactivity and investigate the odds of finding your favourite colour. How sweet it is!

Mix it Up! – Learning chemistry is fun when it is all about food. Investigate solubility, explore dilutions and have fun making a suspension you can mold. Welcome to the wonderful world of food science.